What does CLIPKICK do for you?

Individuals, families, creators, learning organizations, and companies use CLIPKICK  to save, organize, collaborate, and share personal media collections privately and securely.

Personal Media Cloud

CLIPKICK is not a boring cloud drive with file and folder trees. CLIPKICK is a secure and entertaining personal media application where you can store, organize, and stream all of your favorite video and


CLIPKICK is not about social broadcasting, but rather a way for anyone to get creative, without the pressure of social media

Curating video and music collections is a creative and personal experience. With CLIPKICK you can save and organize your own video, sound, and bookmarks to play seamlessly on any device. These collections are private and you control who can see them. They are not shared in any social or discovery feed. They reflect your personal taste and vision. Entertainment, comedy, gaming, sports, music, animals, NFT’s, inspiration, business, the concert or event you just went to…  collections can be created around virtually any topic of interest, then watched, shared, and discussed privately.

Friends and Family

Share video collections privately and securely with close friends and family and watch them anywhere

Curated video collections are best when shared. With CLIPKICK you can connect with close friends and family then collaborate on and share video collections privately and securely. Collect your favorite videos on any topic or event then people you share your collections with can watch your videos at any time on any device. Or prepare your favorite video playlists and watch them together with friends and family, in person, by mirroring your device to any smart TV.  You can share specific playlists and keep others private for you only, create group chats around your media, and collaborate by inviting people to work with you on your playlists.

Working Pro

The most efficient way to share videos privately for creators, learning organizations, and companies

CLIPKICK combines secure file storage and a user friendly universal media player with team connectivity and chat features. This allows for creators, trainers, learning organizations, and companies to share exclusive content with specific individuals and VIPs. Shared collections can be set to view only or allow for file download and upload; perfect for both collaboration and communication in any organization.


Save works in progress, bookmark reference work, and share exclusive content with VIPs.


Compile video courses and reference videos then share them privately with students or mirror to TV and present the videos live in class.

Trainers and Personal Coaches

Create video programs and share them privately with groups or individuals.


Easily collaborate, share, and update video content with team members. Share training video collections and internal video communications securely.

Safety and privacy is our priority

Secure Media Cloud

Your media collections are kept private and secure with rest encryption and two-factor authentification. You always own your media files and control who can access them. We don’t track you across other apps and websites.